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    I have a question for all you paid search Google PPC gurus out there.

    If I was to have the keywords “widget services” bidding $1.50, and the exact match keyword [widget services online] bidding $1.00, and someone typed in “widget services online.” Would Google display my ad in the name of the more pertinent exact match keyword for $1.00 or would it say, this is also a broad match of “widget services” and I can get more money for that, so I will credit that keyword for $1.50.

    As a way to decrease costs I am trying to exact match more, but at the same time do not want to lose the decently performing broad match in the meantime. I'm just trying to figure out if Google will always be crediting the more expensive broadmatch until I erase it.

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    Your exact match should receive the impression because exact match ranks lower in impression ability and higher in specificity for landing page and relevancy, if your campaign is set up correctly and your landing page is optimized for the exact match keyterm, and your URL is seen as very relevant as well.

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