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    April 11th, 2008
    Hiking is Free
    Society seems obsessed with fitness. People spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment that often just sits in a person's home collecting dust. A perfectly logical alternative is to go outside and walk. Anyone can do it, but few actually do. If you are lucky enough to live near a park or nature trail then get out and take advantage! A walk can be as easy as a stroll around the neighbor hood with the family dog or as strenuous as an all day hike/climb up a 14,000 foot peak. Comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the terrain on which you will be traveling is about the only equipment necessary. Carrying something to keep hydrated is a good idea. Camelbak makes some really nice backpacks with a hydration reservoir in them that make staying hydrated super easy. A small day pack can be nice for carrying extra layers which you will be glad you have when the weather changes.

    I'll see you out on the trail

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    Amen, brother. As a programmer, thrombosis is always just another four-day coding binge away, but as a hiker my doctor tells me my heart is in great shape and I have more energy when I get back to the keyboard.

    Good thought about weather changes. It's always a good idea to carry some essentials for an unexpected delay.
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    Good stuff, waiting for the snow to melt so I can start hiking here in Utah. If there are any affiliates or AM's who want to get together for a monthly hike I am all ears.

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    A good point well made but I was always more into the water sports like, windsurfing or wakeboarding so roll on the summer i say.

    and if any of you are in New York and want to come drop me a line

    Rufus Bazley,
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