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    For a while now, I've been trying to break free from the networks and use more in-house affiliate programs for various reasons. With no intention of doing so with one program I was able to move from a network to a direct deal with the company... I was actually looking to go from one network to another, but saw that it was no longer offered on the second network. I contacted the company and got a big surprise!
    I'm sure a lot of you don't bother with $0.25 leads, but I do
    Going through network "A" I was earning $0.25/lead but saw on network "B" they offered $0.50/lead. I contacted them and found that they no longer go through network "B" but we could work out a direct deal for the $0.50/leads, or $1.50/confirmed lead!!
    I jumped on the $1.50/confirmed lead offer and was glad I did...over the weekend, I had 3 confirmed leads totalling $4.50, which would have taken me six times as long to accomplish at $0.25/lead.
    Sure, it's just a few bucks, but I just wanted to point out, to those who don't already know, if you can prove yourself, you can work out bigger and better deals going around the networks whenever possible
    Unfortunately, there's no way for me to really track leads/sales, just traffic, so it's on the honor system, but I'm not complaining yet... oh, and they'll pay once a month, no minimum payout

    anyone like to share their hints, tips, success stories related to this subject?

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    It really depends on the company, but directly contacting them is a good idea, especially if you do well with them. Sometimes, they'll simply increases your payout through the existing network. Othertimes, they'll bypass the network and you'll be on an honor system w/higher payout like in your case.

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