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    For Those Who Have Sold Domains Thru Sedo - Questions
    I asked some questions about a year or so ago about selling and buying domains and have some new ones for those who have sold domains thru Sedo. I am a noob to all of this.

    I put up 2 domains over at Sedo. First I went ahead and parked them and they are now up for sale. I know it could be different depending on the domain but do you guys usually:

    Pick a set price or leave it as Make An Offer.

    If I read it right, if you have it as Make An Offer and somebody does, you can take that offer or then now go the Auction route and put it up for people to bid. If you don't get a higher bid, then the first offer for your domain is the one that sells.

    Or pick a set price that you want for it and the sell it once somebody agrees to that price.

    Curious as to the fastest you've sold a domain and the longest over there.

    Has anybody done the $39 featured listing and if so do you think it's helped in selling your domain?

    Any other Sedo tips?


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    I have sold several through Sedo and have tried ALL of their selling options. The one I prefer is to name my price but have it negotiable. THey usually come in at least half of what I was asking and I counter them with half of that.....which is really what I wanted in the first place. Last sale, I had name listed at $8,000 ended up getting $3,000.

    Their service after the sale was INCREDIBLE and I would highly reccommend them.

    I make little to no money on parked stuff though.

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    I have done the same thing IOWNIE reports above.

    I have received 1/3 to the full asking price on my transactions. Sedo does have the transaction support in place to make the deal work smoothly. I have sold to a few different countries with no issues. I have sold 5 domains through them and never encountered a problem.

    I tried their $39 service once---it takes a while. They have to approve your domain again for featured and then it has to get in the rotation. It didn't work out for me, but the fee is low enough that I might try it again someday.


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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    "The one I prefer is to name my price but have it negotiable."

    With that you mean set a price but there is still a box where people can input their own offer: is for sale
    Seller's price expectation: 5,000 $US
    Your Offer (box to input offer)

    I just moved it that way, had it at Make Offer. So I put the expectation higher than what I actually want for it.

    I got a little confused at this part under the Overview of selling your domain:

    "Thus, you will generally have the most luck using “Make Offer” or “At most 90% Off” in combination with a reasonable asking price."

    The bolded part is the part I'm not getting. 90% off? and I don't even know where you would put that, I guess the description?

    90% off would be like listing your expectation at $10,000 but telling people you would take 90% off of that and sell it for $1000? That doesn't seem right, I'm probably reading it wrong?

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