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    Best Way to SUCCEED with ADWORDS? Learn fr Huge mistakes!!
    Hello All

    Relatively new to Affiliate mktg and e commerce.
    Havent launched an affiliate site yet (WIP) but I have launched my first online e-commerce least for 24 hrs before I took it down.
    Let me tell you why...and better still
    Two days ago i launched a google adwords campaign for it, having two ads
    running against one another.
    I didnt really focus on the proper keyword analysis rather just got google
    tool to produce synonyms of keywords or phrases etc. (mistake 1)

    About 12 hrs later (fr 2am to 2pm Australian time) I had about 55 or so clicks
    supprisingly on both ads with one having a .20% CTR and another .31%...not the best ...(one of the ads had too much content network impressions..hence a lower CTR)....anyway

    I then did a 'proper' keyword analysis (kind of) and deleted some ,changed some, turn some from broad to "phrase" ...but no [exact] match.
    As I was in a hurry I even got google to optimize it (using the Keyword Optimizer), and hence used some of its suggestions...
    (though I have to question some of its 'other suggestions' as dubious...;D)

    Now, I know Im a University graduate (Have a Grad Music Diploma and an Accounting Degree - dont ask why) but I swear Im as dumb as they come ..and heres why.

    -I set my average max CPC at .75 cents.
    -I had the content network ON ....AND set at .35c a click
    -My STORE does NOT have (yet) an Optin squeeze page the way i want it.
    (It has an email request for a thats gonna prompt users to
    give me their its got no Offer of value or Benefit)
    -The site didnt have any CUSTOM CONTENT (it subsequently does now)
    -I didnt implement or attach an ANALYTICS ...As I have done on another site.

    I then relaunched my ad campaign,the same ad, nothing had changed.
    (keyword in the headline, body and domain)
    24 hours later I logged on and saw this:

    100.0% 523 236,693 0.22% $441.61 0.0% $0.00 -

    Total: Text ads on content network
    65.6% 135 155,326 0.08% $82.43 0.00% $0.00 0
    Total: Text ads on search
    34.4% 388 81,367 0.47% $359.18 0.00% $0.00 0

    But heres why im peeved off.
    At myself for racking up over $400 of ad costs to test my inadequacy AND
    At the flippen 500 plus Users who clicked and NEVER made a flippin purchase damnnn!!!

    Anyway Ive learnt from it...ive since turned my ad off and SO need to go back to the drawing board.

    Ok I would prob make a good case study for taking Uncalculated and
    stupid adwords RISKS...

    I mean I even set the daily limit at $358 , so that over time (I believe) il keep reducing
    it least Il have a GOOGLE history in its system wotever..
    Anyway Im spewing as I should have set up a squeeze page (Using my membership
    with Squeezepage3 ) so that I can capture upto 500 names for an autoresponder series....What was I thinking....Now Ive lost all these potential 500 leads-come friends-come prospects-come sales-come profit.....OMG

    Anyway, point is , Given All things been Equal, If I can get 500plus Search queried users thru keywords, to click on my ad within 24 hours.....Can you imagine what I could do in a week....Whilst that may sound amazing, guys ive just clocked up a bill of 400plus in 24 hours.

    Im not even going toimagine what that comes to in 1 week, given the silly unpreparedness and uncalculated 'risk taking' that you just witnessed.

    Wish me Luck for improvements....

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    Google can be a hard taskmaster.

    You need to find yourself a mentor to show you the ropes.

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    I am not an expert at Google but I would turn off content network ads until you really understand an industry.

    You are paying close to 50 cents a click for content. Turn it way down or turn it off.

    Try to make the page match the ad you write, and the keyword. That way your QS goes up. And you cna pay less.

    Google is a pain in the ass and so hard to work with. Sometimes I feel like I am working for them. And that is not what you want.

    Good Luck

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