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Thread: Geno, next time you are in Los Angeles...

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    Geno, next time you are in Los Angeles...
    Will you take me fishing with you?

    My daddy (may he rip) took me deep sea fishing on fishing boats on the East Coast all through my little girl growing up years, and the last time I went fishing was many years ago with my brother (may he also rip), in Ensenada, MX. I was one of the only two people who didn't get seasick on that boat - and I've got good sea-legs.

    I understand there are boats going out for deep sea fishing from here in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach and other beach cities in the coastal Los Angeles area. It isn't the same as trout or lake or river fishing, but the smell of that salt water fishing experience gets into your bones and is a sweet remembrance forever.


    We also used to go crabbing in Sheepshead Bay, brought home blueclaw crabs (not the same as Maryland blueclaws) and cooked them immediately upon arriving home - and ate them that very day.

    Now that you are on the US East Coast, if you haven't experienced them yet, you have some extraordinary saltwater fishing treats in store for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webworker
    Will you take me fishing with you?
    It would definitely be fun to do!! I am hoping to visit again in mid-September 2008. We could invite Richard of the FourthWorld, Rexanne, Donna and anyone else who may be interested, and plan an CA Affiliate Fishing Trip!!


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