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    Why doesn't Google and the other search engines ban sites that have parasite downloads ?

    Parasites hurt Google because the parasites are stealing from their pay-per-click customers.

    Maybe we should start an email campaign to Google.

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    I think the problem is these downloads are usually triggered by Javascript commands, but SEs don't read/understand Javascript or any other scripting language.

    The bottom line is Google (and the rest of the SEs) can't automatically determine if a site forces download of parasites or not. Banning would most likely have to be done manually, but do they got the time/willingness to review all sites and do that?

    But it is time that the whole community (not just the ABW and a few bright examples) makes some aggressive steps towards parasites. Treat them like viruses or something.

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    Google would be wise to setup a reporting section where drive-by downloads are uncovered. Once verified the offending domains would get a PRO ranking sending out a clear message ...Screw with our loyal Googlers ...your toast!!!!

    ABW could lead the way by publishing confirmed sites who perform drive-by installs. The medai coverage would be great for the cause.

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    And why will google spend resources like money and time to deal with a problem that is not affecting them?

    "Parasites hurt Google because the parasites are stealing from their pay-per-click customers."

    When I advertise using adwords, a customer clicks on my ad, my site loads in his browser and then gator induced popup appears on my site. Who is loosing money here? Its me. Google has delivered a click to my site (and made their money) so they are not responsible for what happens to my site on the customer's browser now.

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