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    Exclamation Help me get Amazon to improve their stupid communications system.
    Here is a message that I just sent to Amazon Associates using their feedback form. If you copy and paste it and send it to them too, maybe we can get them to bring their system into this century!
    This communications system is horrible. When we create a series of back-and-forth messages between you and I, then I have no idea what you can see. On this form, there is no way to associate a new message with previous messages of the same subject. So, if there are multiple messages for multiple, separate subjects, then I will have no way of telling you which subject my new message is for. Better is the typical ticket system that every other leading website has.
    Also, after several exchanges, I have multiple, separate emails to keep track of. That's unnecessarily difficult. Better would be if you quoted all previous messages. This is called a "thread".
    Please update you system to modern Internet standards and acceptable level of user friendliness!

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    Well, not that they've told me anything other than "We're sorry you're having a problem. Please refer to our guidelines at http://........" but I've been fortunate enough to exchange direct emails with the CSRs that I've worked with. It made it really easy to see that their answers didn't really change no matter what my message was.

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    astore very dificult to sell.How i can do?

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