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    suddenly tons of NO IMAGE placeholders from CSN Stores
    My inactive products numbers just jumped sky high (seems to be due to CSN Stores) so I'll be busy replacing those. However the pesky problem is that many more now show a "no image" placeholder and those are only found by editing or previewing each shop individually.

    So if you don't like a bunch of "no image" images on your product pages, I'd suggest you check any shops using CSN Stores.

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    Just checked a few of my CSN/Popshop pages and the images all show up fine and the links all work.

    The problem is probably with just some (hopefully very few) CSN stores, and not across the board.
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    Yes, it does seem to mostly be in the office furniture category and similar products.

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    Once again, I apologize for this occurrence. Our feed tool had an error this weekend, deleting approximately 50,000 products from our feeds. When this happens, the products listed in Pop Shops that are part of this 50,000, end up with what you are describing. Here is a thread describing what has happened.

    I am working with Brian from SAS to try and figure out a way to make this issue a thing of the past.

    Stay tuned!


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