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    Question Webmerge encountered a problem
    When I try to run a large feed I get the windows error report box: 4W Webmerge has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvienience" then an option to send the report, or not send the report.

    Any idea how I can fix this? It was doing it a few weeks ago, and is only happening with large files

    I have windows xp and 3g of ram

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    So how big are the files? How many records? Have you cleaned the feed with Excel and/or the AMWSO tool?

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    Yes, knowing the size of the file will be very helpful. WebMerge is efficient because it works with the feed in memory, but this means that while WebMerge itself has a logical limit on the files it can work with of up to 4GB, it will need enough memory to hold sometimes two copies of the file, plus its own engine and some other modest overhead.

    On a system with just 2GB RAM I was able to work with a file nearly 100MB recently, but other factors can affect this, such as the amount of swap space available for virtual memory.

    Of course all this assumes the issue is related to memory. Do you know if the error dialog was from WebMerge or from the OS? It sounds like an OS dialog, and if so it was likely a memory issue. But if it was a WebMerge dialog it may be something that we can address on this end.
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