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    New interface - commisions not correct?
    I have an issue with the new interface.

    In the upper right corner of my screen it always says my commissions are $0. It does report the commission under quick stats, but that is not always correct either.

    I can log into the old interface and the new and sometimes the amounts are different.

    Anyone else having these issues?
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    I've the same problem, the amounts are different depending of the page I'm loading. First page the commission in the upper right corner is always $0 and then it goes up or down.
    The commission under quick stats is almost correct.
    I didn't have a look in a long time but once again their spinning wheels are turning me off. I can't stand it. Too slow, inaccurate.
    I had a huge amount posted on Last Payment sent on 17-04-2008: Unreal. I could not find what it was about. I had to go back to SynergyAnalytics. No link on the new interface. I had to leave and log in again in the old interface to go to SynergyAnalytics. Guess what, it's a payment from a merchant from DECEMBER. We're almost in MAY. 5/6 months to get paid...

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    Since I use the Linkshare interface primarily to check reports and commissions, I rarely use the new publisher dashboard for the reason Michelle stated.

    As to paying commissions in mid-April for sales made in December, that isn't acceptable but saying that's waiting 5/6 months is also not acceptable. It's 3-1/2 months, which is 2 months late.

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