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    Gunmen Kill Two Serb Youths in Kosovo Province

    Aug. 14 - Gunmen shot and killed two Serb youths (10 and 16) in the mainly ethnically pure Albanian province of Kosovo, the BBC reported.

    Six people were injured in the attack yesterday on a group swimming in a river near the western village of Gorazdevac, the BBC reported without saying where it obtained the information. The unidentified attackers opened fire with machineguns from nearby bushes, the report said. The attack coincided with a visit to Kosovo by Harri Holkeri, who takes over as head of the UN administration in Kosovo later this year, the BBC said.

    Serbia's government said this week it wants control of the province returned, the Associated Press reported at the time. The government said organized crime and terrorism are increasing in the region and a level of autonomy would be given to the area once the rule of law and ethnic tolerance are in place.

    Kosovo has been under United Nations control since 1999 when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization carried out a 78-day air bombardment to end a campaign by Serbian forces against ethnic Albanians seeking independence. Ethnic Albanians are believed to make up about 90 percent of the population of about 1.9 million people (unofficial figure). About 100,000 Serbs remain in the territory, and more than 500,000 Serbs, and other non-Albanians have fled the province since 1999, thus making Kosovo one the most ethnically pure territories in Europe.


    Belgrade surgery for teenage Kosovo victim

    Aug. 14 - One of the teenage victims of yesterday’s shooting at a Kosovo swimming hole was transferred last night to the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

    Bogdan Bukumiric underwent surgery on arrival and is expected to be operated on again today, B92 learns.

    Eleven-year-old Pantelija Dakic and nineteen-year-old Ivan Jovovic were killed in the attack yesterday while swimming in the Bistrica River near Gorazdevac.

    Four other children, including Bukumiric were wounded. Two of them, Dragan Srbljak and Djordje Obrenovic are recovering from surgery in the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital where their condition is reported to be stable.

    The fourth, Marko Bogicevic, was transferred to the Prizren hospital for surgery against his parents’ wishes.

    The deputy director of the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital, Milan Ivanovic, told Radio B92 that the forced transfer was a flagrant violation of human rights by KFOR and UNMIK officials who had promised the boy’s parents he would be taken either to Mitrovica or Belgrade.

    "They obviously can’t be trusted," said Ivanovic.


    Protest to UN over Kosovo slaughter

    Aug. 14 - The head of the Serbia-Montenegro mission at the UN, Katarina Lalic Smajevic, has sent a protest note to the president of the UN Security Council over yesterday’s killing of Serb teenagers in Kosovo.

    Lalic Smajevic described the slaying as a serious provocation and requested that the Security Council be urgently convened to condemn it.

    The protest note also reiterated that UN police in Kosovo have failed to shed light on any ethnically motivated crimes against Serbs in the province.


    Serbs attacked while driving wounded teenagers

    Aug. 13 - Two Kosovo Serbs were attacked today as they drove teenagers wounded in this morning’s riverside slaughter to Pec Hospital.

    Rajko Jandzikovic told media that he and Milivoje Pavlovic had stopped near a market because they had run out of petrol

    After a nearby group of Italian KFOR soldiers refused to give them petrol, a group of young Albanians attacked them with fists and stones, said Jandzikovic, adding that Kosovo police who were standing nearby had not reacted.

    After reaching the hospital with a KFOR escort, medical staff harassed the Serbs and refused to provide urgent treatment for the wounded teenagers, said Jandzikovic.

    Separate incident

    One person killed in Kosovo shooting - U.N. police

    PRISTINA, Serbia and Montenegro, Aug 9 (Reuters) [Once again, Pristina is here referred to as being in 'Serbia and Montenegro, and not Kosovo as it would be in any other context, when it's a matter of shootings, killings, drug confiscations, etc.] - One person was killed and two injured in a shootout among ethnic Albanians in a village near Pec in south-western Kosovo on Saturday, United Nations police in charge of the province said.

    The shooting was the latest in a series of violent incidents across the province over the past few weeks, including Sunday's killing of a U.N. officer, the first in four years.

    "A group of men fired on another group. They were all Kosovo Albanians. One man was killed and two others were wounded, one of them seriously," U.N. police spokesman Barry Fletcher told Reuters. Police were searching for the perpetrators who fled.

    Fletcher said the motive for the shooting was not known but he believed it was a dispute between two families. He said it appeared to be different from a shooting two weeks ago in which three ethnic Albanians were killed in an apparent dispute between criminal groups.

    Even though officials caution against linking the violent incidents in the province, the shooting is likely to raise security concerns and highlight the difficulties the U.N. administration is facing to establish order in Kosovo.

    Kosovo Albanians want independence from Serbia and Montenegro, a loose union that replaced Yugoslavia this year. But its minority Serbs say it must remain a part of Serbia.

    Western officials have accused criminal elements of wanting to derail the progress made in the province.

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    I expect a certain religion is the root cause of this bloodshed and ethnic cleansing campaign. How is the UN coming along on creating a viable democracy after splitting apart Yugoslavia and redrawing Europe's Map?

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Ecom, almost everything in this region has a psychological background and not a religiouse. But I think that Slibovitz ( a real firewater ) is mainly guilty for most of that trouble there.


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