I received an email through the CJ system from Site59/Lastminute.com which is owned by Travelocity but a separate affiliate program.

They are providing generic avatars such as a sun, a star, a piggybank, trees, and a few others, none of which are specifically travel related. All of these avatars are displayed as separate links through the CJ interface and there is a Get HTML link below each avatar in the email. There is no text associated with the avatar.

I think this is great as you can just randomly place them throughout your site, but what I find interesting is that if an affiliate took their own avatar and placed it on their site randomly linking through one of their affiliate programs, others would call this deceptive or cookie stuffing.

I'm just surprised that this merchant is encouraging these avatars without accompanying text, especially since the avatars are not travel-related. For years, Travelocity has provided linked avatars without descriptions but they are travel-related avatars such as a hotel, an airplane or a car.