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    AdWords - Google vs. search network
    Is there any way in AdWords to see how many clicks are going to the "search network", as opposed to Google clicks? In the main Ad Group view, the two categories are lumped together as "Google + search network". I looked in the reporting section of AdWords and couldn't find a report or report filter option that will split the two apart (Google stats vs. search network stats). Am I missing something? Thanks.

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    Smile Adwords separate campaigns "G" & "N"
    To my knowledge you can't separate the two from only 1 campaign. However, you can create two identical campaigns as follows:

    "Campaign1_G" (Google Search) Check Google Search, uncheck Search Network, uncheck Content Network. Now you are dealing with purely search engine queries (no content network).

    "Campaign2_N" (Search) Check Google Search, check Search Network, uncheck Content Network. I put a lower bid price on this campaing2_N.

    *Please note that I have done the above after reading how to do it in, "Adwords for Dummies" (just giving the author credit, I had nothing to do with the book, other than buy it and spend countless hours trying to optimize Adwords).

    I pursued the above implementation after placing a relatively high price on certain key words only to determine that the majority were being clicked on from the "search network" - Generally speaking people are much "hotter" when they type key words directly into the search engine vs. seeing your ad on somebody's site that utilizes Adsense etc.

    I hope this helps. The key is to organize the campaign names so they appear next to eachother (it can get confusing in a hurry from my experience).

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    Has anyone ever checked to see WHO is considered a "search" might be surprised ;-)

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    Google Search Network "Partner"
    I'd like to know Google's definition (couldn't find anything specific, just a bunch of fluff).

    I can tell you that I have ran a particular Adwords campaign at .51 cents per click. I had a website that I manage running Adsense and saw one of my ads. Naturally I clicked on the ad to see what the payout would be... any suprise it was a lot less than .51? More like .01...

    Google has it figured out. I haven't had much success with advertising in general and the same has held pretty true for Adwords (from my experience).

    Let me know if you have have a good definition of "Search Partner"

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