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    WHOIS Information Update
    I updated my WHOIS information about 2 weeks ago but haven't seen an update when I do a WHOIS search. How long should it take for these changes to take effect (propogate)?

    Edit: Just read that it should take 72 hours or so...

    So, new question:

    I've contacted my registrar and am getting the run-around. Would they have a sneaky reason for not wanting to change my information?

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    What registrar, and what extension (.com,.org,.us)?

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    Smile Whois updates 24-48 hours
    I've found my Whois updates are in a matter of hours. My registrar says "up to 48 hours" for changes. If it has been more than 48 hours I'd suggest that you login to your registrar and double check that your changes were "saved" if so log another request with your registrar.

    I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't want to make the changes for you. Maybe they have a network "gliche" it happens, a server goes down or something.

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    Most of my updates happen within a couple hours. But it all depends who your registrar is - some are on the ball and some are not.

    If you have to pester your registrar to get an answer - you need to find a new registrar. If your business depends on your website and domain name - do not cut corners.
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    The only time that I've had to wait a few hours or days for updates was with domain names ending in ".tc" or ".fm".

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