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    Wal-Mart Rations Rice
    Heard a story the other night about third world nations and their struggle now to provide food for their starving populations. Basic food products have nearly doubled in price the last year and charitable organizations can no longer keep up.

    The commentator speculated that if things don't improve the world may face its greatest catastrophe ever.

    The Wal Mart story just confirms the issue with food product scarcity.
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    I wouldn't believe everything hear. I'm not saying it's not true, but the stock market has no where to put their money at the moment and they are artificially driving prices up on commodities. Itís such a shame. Look at oil. The Saudis didnít suddenly decide to take the price to 120.00/barrel; our crappy market did. We are trading the housing bubble for a new bubble in oil & commodities. Itís really sad to see.

    The market is going to come crashing down like the 1930ís when everyone realizes that there is no one that can afford $5.00/gallon gas and ridiculous amounts for a bag of rice and grain. All the little investors are going to get burned while the big guys lose a lot but still come out on top.

    This should be fun to watch

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