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    A guy I know has the opportunity to get a really good project but in order to get it the customer wants 6000 DAILY unique visitors within 3-4 months after the site is launched. He asked me for opinion and I said I'll ask here at ABW.

    The site will be tourism related - worldwide hotel booking. What he basically needs is a company (or individual?) who will take care of SEO, PPC campaigns and other types of marketing (an affiliate program maybe?). What they want is 6000 targeted daily visitors within 3-4 months. They've got the money to pay for it but of course want RESULTS and ROI. They're looking for quality not some guaranteed visitors scam.

    Now I was wondering if you know of any company/individual who could make this happen (an ABW member maybe?). If they run an affiliate program I'll give them a big +

    Let me know what you think.


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    6k UV / day sounds feasible for that market. Any pro ought to be able to do it.... given the right support from the client. LOTS of content is going to be needed, and if the client can't / won't supply it, they are likely to be disappointed with the results.

    Oh, and that applies to PPC traffic too. Paying the few $$/click for traffic on high search terms, then dumping the hard-won visitors onto the home page of some 5 page fleapit of a sales / booking site is NOT an efficient use of a PPC budget (but you'd be *amazed* how many people do it)

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    Have you talked to Linda at eCatalyst? She has a forum here. Even if she can't do it, I bet she can tell you who could.


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