when u join a new affiliate all the webmasters expect a sale for the first hundreds of visitors otherwise they left that program
so the first one will happen after the first hundreds of visitors
the second one show every thing is running well
the third one comfirm the affiliate is reliable

after that you wont receive any thing in a week but lator you would receive some sales , just in a case that keep you working with that affiliate

i have experince mostly all Hosting and Domain affiliate programs in CJ , even their own inhouse programs

they trick you and dont show all your sales
as it doesnt make them benefit to receive 80 $ for an order and pay you 100$ commission

may be they said bullshit like this , that the customer who buy hosting this year with pay recurring payment for other years , how ever the customers may change their service provider company or just cancel their hosting package at the end of the year

but these scammer hosting company tries to show their High commision logical
to not let you asking yourself how could they pay that much money to me with each sale , even more than what they earn.

some of them create publisher account in cj and made orders in less clicks to raise a fake EPC for themselves to attract publisher to advertise their products
i dont know about other affiliate , but i am sure about hosting companies.

in a case if u ask them that they have not count one of my orders
the hosting company will ask you what was the time of order

ok thats fine how the hell should i know when was the time of order , as i have not made it , it has made by an anonymous visitor in internet , you should check ur datas and see why from each 3-4 orders you just pay one of them

some affiliate make orders by their own cc , to make sure that is the hosting tracking system works fine or not

well in 75 % of events , they will recognize the tracking system did work properly so they sent the order date and time and hosting company give them commision manually

(some hosting companies dont let you to order with ur own cc ! to make this test harder , so u should find a freind to make the order )

here is the question
why shouldnt ur tracking system work currectly ?
why it stop working in your benefits way , why doesnt it show 3 orders instead of 1 orders , if its not working currectly ?

CJ should improve their tracking system and also show Charge Back rates on hosting companies
some of them deduct 30% or more for charge back orders from your account ballance
all of them had phone verifiction on their website when some one make an order, i dont know how the hackers (specialy from ghana , nigeria , sudan .... ) could fraud on them

this is what i am going to say