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    Just got this in my inbox. Maybe someone can copy and paste it into their email and have some fun with these folks.



    Dear sir,

    I am Idris Bangura the Second son of Timu Bangura, who was the immediate past Minister of Finance of the
    Federal Republic of Sierra-Leone.

    Though my father died a natural death sometime ago, He left some documents as regards some transactions he had with some of his colleagues when he was still in office. In fact, they (my father and some of his colleagues ,that cannot be mentioned here),succeeded in keeping the sum of US$29.8M (Twenty-nine Million, Eight-hundred thousand United States Dollars) only, In cash in a Diplomatic Trust/Security in South Africa.

    After my father’s death, the Government ,under the leadership of President Tejan Kabbah started a probe into the dealings and activities of my farher and those of his colleagues. The Government was almost finding the fact of the activities/dealings and would have put up criminal case against them, when the renewed clashes between the R.U.F. rebels lead by Fonday Sankoh and my country’s Government began. This lead to the destruction of many Government Establishments, Including the Central Bank of Sierra-Leone and the Ministry of Finance Building, where records of the probe were kept. Hence, no real evidence to continue the probe anymore.

    Now that there are no more records or evidence, my father’s colleagues mandated me to come to Holland, look for a trustworthy business individual, that has the machinery (credible firm etc, to file claim of this fund on our behalf ) and can also keep this transaction secret, so that I can sort and conclude the transfer of this fund with him.

    This assistance from you is necessary because the government of our country is closely monitoring every of our dealings and activities. How ever be rest assured that my father’s colleagues have mapped out strategies to give this transaction a diplomatic coverage, thereby making it a hitch-free business.

    We have earmarked 20% of this sum of money to you for your participation,10% set aside for any expenditure that will be incurred during the course of this transaction, and the remaining balance of 70% for me and my father’s colleagues in South Africa. Please note that you will help us invest our share of the money in a viable business in your country when this business is concluded.

    As I await your urgent response, should you be or not interested in this business, please feel-free to call me on Phone /Fax numbers above, or send E-mails to me as the case may be so that I know your decision.

    Thanks for your anticipated co-operation,

    Best regards,


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    I think you should send him this image: (It's offensive, I sent it to a Nigerian last night!)

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    Thank You for STFU !

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    Wonder if the con-man author see the internet as a suppliment to his day job ....picking pockets at the local market.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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