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    eBay and nofollow coding
    I was going through and approving websites for a program and came across some of the new ebay links. I scrolled over one and I didn't see it having a no follow or other scripting to let the search engines know that it is not a backlink to be counted for seo. It was just the rover.ebay.................. Although ebay doesn't really need the SEO boost, without having the spider blockers within the links, aren't eBay affiliates essentially giving them a huge boost in smaller niches that they haven't optimized in now?

    I'm not sure about any of this, or if it is even correct, so any insight or clarification would be greatly appreciated.
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    Interesting ... and a very good reason to go solo and not have another network URL interfering with their attempts at SEO.

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    Are any of the networks actually adding "nofollow" tags? I've been manually adding them to all my links, including ebay's. I don't think ebay is using them, but I don't think CJ and shareasale are either. Is Performics?

    I agree, ebay doesn't particularly need the SEO boost...although I am sure they are happy to have it whenever they can get it.

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    I think ebay is usually ranking for all those terms anyway so not an issue for me. And if I ever saw a nofollow with any links, I would take them out. Plus linking straight to somebody like ebay is going to help, not hurt you since they're an authority type site.

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