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    Linkshare emailing Me at an email Address Not in My Profile
    Last night I received the Linkshare Newsletter describing the changes that Ranae posted about yesterday at It was sent to the email address in my profile.

    This morning, I received the same email but this time it was sent to a personal email address that I haven't used in 5 years. It's for my dialup ISP that I kept as a backup when I first got cable 5 years ago. I have two channels on Linkshare although I've never used the second one. The profile is always kept up to date though. Both of my channels list my correct email address that I use exclusively for BeFree and Linkshare correspondence as well as for my Google profile.

    At the bottom of all general Linkshare communications, it displays your User ID. On the one I received this morning which went to the wrong address, the name listed is a name I have never used with Linkshare. It is the name I have always used as my BeFree login name.

    Where in the world did Linkshare get that email address or the username?

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    Probably a merchant that migrated from BeFree to LinkShare. Many times, merchants will bring their affiliate databases with them and the networks usually try to match them up and/or create new accounts. I've had many duplicate accounts created because of that.

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    I don't have any BeFree merchants who've migrated to Linkshare and BeFree hasn't had that email address since 2001.

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    Mystery Solved and this is really weird.

    I realized that I could access this Linkshare account by using the lost password link. Since I had never heard of this Linkshare account, obviously I didn't know the password. I immediately received an email with a link to set a new password. I did that and I got in without any other questions. The website that is associated with this account has never actually been a website. It's just a domain I registered in 2002. The only merchant that was joined in this account hasn't been with Linkshare since late 2002 or 2003, so it showed an asterisk next to the merchant name.

    I must have had a reason at the time to set up a new Linkshare account, but as I said, it was never used. I had logged into the old interface and when I went to look at my profile, it said that I had to access my profile through the new dashboard. So I did that and clicked on My Account. Under Account Info, all fields are blank. When I click on any of the other tabs in My Account, it reverts back to Account Info.

    Now the mystery still remains as to why did I receive this newsletter today when it's apparently been many years since I've ever received any email from Linkshare regarding this account? All I can figure is that it must have something to do with the maintenance that Linkshare conducted on Thursday.

    I'm not going to try it, but I suspect that if I did the request password thing on my real Linkshare account that I'd first have to answer the security question. I suspect the reason why that step wasn't included with this mystery account is because Linkshare wasn't using the security question parameter when I last accessed the account 6 years ago.

    As to my comment above that I was forced to go to the new dashboard to update my profile, that doesn't happen when I go to my real Linkshare account. I guess that happened with the mystery account since it's been dormant for so many years.

    Finally, there is a security issue here. Linkshare's email blasts always display your login name, so for any account that isn't set up with a security question, anyone who sees that email can request a password change to be able to access the account. While this issue exists, for practical purposes, it would probably never lead to someone unauthorized to access your account to request a password change because the security question feature would have been enabled on any active account.

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