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    Where do you find the time?
    As a nooB to AM I am a fairly seasoned web developer, albeit using older technologies than what's out there today, I work a full time high stress (dare I say the word?) job.... eeewwww. When I have served my required sentence for the week, I am too shot to even turn the computer on let alone have enough time to work on my affiliate projects.

    Where do you find the time and energy to break away from the work-a-day world to launch a full time AM career?

    Any insights?

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    I work about 25 - 30 hours at a bookstore (used to be 40). I find affiliate marketing to be relaxing and lots of fun! When I get home I really can't wait to check my stats and visit ABW. It might be different, if I was chained to a computer at the bookstore.

    From the first time I realized there was such a thing as AM, I've loved it, (I also really enjoy the bookstore) So it's easy to transition from one to the other.

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    I feel the pain of the dirty 'J' word. I too have that same problem and hope to one day get it fixed.

    I get some stuff done between the spaces of doing this and doing that. Most nights during the week I am up until about 11:30 trying get in a few extra minute of AM time. The bad thing about that is keeping projects moving while maintaining interest. I can usually get in a few solid hours in on weekends too. Although when the weather in nice, the wife and kids want to go out and do things.

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    I started in 1999. I worked on content first, then affiliate marketing. The content was fun for me and that didn't feel like work at all. I had a full-time job for a whole lot of years and worked on content and AM in my free time. I also had two online volunteer jobs that ate up a lot of time. Fortunately I've never minded sitting at a computer. I've been sitting at a computer for 35 years! lol! I started doing AM full-time four or five years ago. AM feels a lot like work but I keep at it because I enjoy having the income from it.If I had to start AM now I think I'd be overwhelmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Mann
    Where do you find the time and energy to break away from the work-a-day world to launch a full time AM career?
    I honestly think that's an unrealistic expectation in today's landscape. With any full time job, much less a high stress one, I think the most you can expect is to supplement your full time job income.

    To be a successful affiliate marketer, there's a lot more than just adding links to your site. You have to spend time keeping current with what is going on, new technologies, establishing relationships with your advertisers, getting paid and a host of other issues. There is just no way you could do all of that while working another full time job.

    You would have to transition slowly and that would mean working fewer hours, earning less, possibly losing benefits, and that's assuming that type of work arrangement is even available to you.

    Those who are successful at full time affiliate marketing have been doing it for years and got in when there were far fewer issues to deal with and a lot less competition. Of course, that was also when there weren't nearly as money people who had access to the Internet as do today.

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    That's why I get up at 4 AM, check stats, work on my sites til 0530, then get ready for my real job. Then I'll spend a couple of hours in the evening after supper working on my sites. I usually spend a few weekend morning hours doing site work but try to leave most weekend hours free.

    It's real important to prioritize. The end of the month is always busy so I'll spend a few more hours updating.

    If you want to succeed, you'll make the time needed.

    It ain't easy but it's still fun.

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    Rich Mann, been there done that. First, my advice is to not let yourself get stuck in a rut at your j*b. I liked my job but as the head of our Internet Dept. I was steadily going into a rut and didn't realize it until I was out of that place. It took about 2-3 weeks, after leaving, to realize what a mess my life was in.

    Anyway, affiliate marketing is addictive. Most here would agree. Try to do a little each day. It's more fun, and more addictive, when the sales come in. I had one of those 60-70 hour a week j*obs and couldn't wait to get home to work on my affiliate sites. I would do it whenever I had a little time, whether I felt like it or not. Don't view it as another j*b. If you love it, treat it like a recreation activity and mare sure you take care of you.
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