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    Deactivated Advertisers Still A Mess
    I've brought this up before but still hasn't been fixed. Was just going thru some pages clicking over on links and for example Belisi Fashions and Durdy Looks are gone. But when I login, they're not listed anywhere in the network.

    join | approved | pending | declined | deactivated

    Clicked all those links, nowhere to be found.

    This goes back to BK Rider and rereading the thread:

    Still didn't make sense. If you've had a merchant that was on your network and they're deactivated, it should be listed on the deactivated list. Some are, some just completely disappear with no trace. Such as the 3 examples I gave with BK Rider, Belisi, Durdy Looks.

    edited to add - Let me take that back, I do see them now on my :

    Approved Advertisers list with TERM in front of them.

    That's good but they also need to show on the deactivated page. There's really no rhyme or reason to it.

    So with deactived merchants you have some listed:
    On the Deactivated Merchants page.
    On the Approved Advertisers page but not Deactivated Merchants page.
    Completely vanish like BK Rider.

    While I'm here because I'm putting up some links to new merchants and going thru my Approved Advertisers , it could use a little cleanup.

    Testing Merchant - some test account.
    DoubleClick Performics Bonus

    Those can be removed.

    Last thing. I just finished going thru a list and these programs were at Performics:

    Celebrity Silky Hair
    Electric Insurance
    Identity Direct

    And I know some were deactivated, think I remember getting an email or so on some of them but they are nowhere to be seen, vanished from the network. No TERM next to their name, not on the deactivated merchant list etc.
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