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    No reports since the 25th?
    No reports since the 25th? I don't show anything for the 26th or the 27th in my reports. No clicks, no sales, no ACRUs, and no "0". Odd.

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    Does your report have 1 page or 2? I found mine stops at 4/25 and there's a link at the top to click to the second page.

    Kind of silly to have a 2nd page for just 5-6 more lines of the report...
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    I have all stats for the 26th....27th not showing yet,but thats not unusual

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    I finally got them to show but they are a bit behind still. Odd.

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    this is from EPN.
    I don'r know if Cj is affected by this as well, apears so.

    Dear Publisher,

    A subset of our publisher base was affected by a reporting issue which resulted in duplicate records being posted to the transaction detail reports during several days this month. The issue has been resolved, and transaction data from 4/1 thru 4/24 were reprocessed and posted on Friday, 4/25. Previously posted records were deleted in the process. In order to retrieve transaction detail records for the affected time period, you will need to filter your transaction download report for posting date 4/25/08. Please note that this issue only impacted transaction detail reporting; summary reporting and earnings tracking were not impacted and all commissions will be paid correctly for the month.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and thank you for your continued support of the program.


    The eBay Partner Network Team

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