Over the past couple of weeks, I have learned of several instances where the Merchant's Advertiser Detail page misrepresented the actual program terms. I find this very disturbing as this can be the difference between promoting a merchant or not.

Expedia lists a 1 day cookie when in actuality, the cookie was single session based. That means that if someone clicks through your affililiate, browses Expedia's site and then closes their browser or turns off their computer, comes back an hour later, turns their computer back on and goes directly to Expedia's site and makes a purchase, you will not receive a commission. If the cookie was really a one day cookie, you would be paid a commission under this scenario.

For full disclosure on my part, Expedia says they increased their cookie duration to 7 days on 4/5/08 but they haven't updated the Advertiser Detail to reflect this because it would negate any private offers for this month that they have with certain affiliates. They said they will push out new program terms to reflect this change on 5/1.

Expedia lists a contact person's name and email address. The email address listed is eap @ expedia.com which would indicate that this person is an Expedia employee. He's not. He's a CJ employee with access to that email address for both sending and receiving emails. It is a misrepresentation to not indicate that the person you are communicating with is not an employee of the merchant but rather an employee of the network.

Luxury Link says they are not a batch merchant. When I questioned their EPC, the OPM told me that their product that is responsible for the majority of their sales is a batch merchant. This is withheld from their Advertiser Detail so there is no way to know why your sale didn't report shortly after it was made or when it will report. And as an aside, this merchant hasn't even batched for two weeks when their bookings are paid to them at the time of booking.

If anyone knows of other instances where the Advertiser Detail is not accurate for a particular program, please add them to this thread.