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    Exclamation I'm the FNG...You talk I listen. Need HELP!
    How can I make simple text links to my affiliates. I cant use HTML or Java.
    I'm new and will take any and all advise. I've done lots of home work... just need a little help. Thanks to all you how make this place what it is. What goes around comes around.

    GOD and life are great.

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    If you're unable to use the code provided, your links will not track and you will not earn commission.

    Who is the host for your website or blog?

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    Wow you really need to start at the beginning. But there is hope, we all had to start at the beginning.

    I think you need to learn some basics. If you do a google search for affiliate marketing tips, you will find some good tips on how to get started Don't pay any money at this stage. There is a lot of free training material on the web

    Good luck mate
    [URL=""]Affiliate Marketing Basics[/URL]

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    What do you mean you can't use HTML?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROCKITout
    How can I make simple text links to my affiliates.
    Your affiliates? Are you a Merchant (i.e. someone who pays people for sales) or an Affiliate (i.e. someone who promotes products and gets paid)

    If a Merchant, use the templates in the interface to code it for you. Just read what they require and fulfill the requirements.

    If an affiliate, copy and paste the code into your site.
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    Go to the site they listed there and you will see what he means by "I cant use HTML or Java."


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