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    ad.yieldmanager infecting my forum ( warning on Chitika )
    Noticed today on my forum that in the spot where my chitika ad appears a banner ad was showing

    I moused over it and the url said


    So i googled it and seems its spyware.. so i did the usual cleans

    its still showing up

    So i go and check my forum on another computer in my house and sure enough i can see it..

    so im not sure its a case of it infecting my computer but more my vbulletin forum

    So i logged into admincp and located the template where the chitika code was meant to display to see if someone had hacked in a removed it and replaced it with ad.yieldmanager


    I still see the code for chitika

    But chitika is not displaying

    So i removed chitika saved and viewed forum

    BOOM its gone!

    So i went back into admincp ... added the code back in from chitika hit save and once again i see ads not for chitika but for


    be careful if you are using chitika im going to be contacting them about this

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    Think it's just a third party cookie or something like that. A lot of them label cookies as spyware.

    I'm using some Chitika on regular pages and they're all fine.

    Found another lil thread on it here:

    YieldManager is a cookie distributed by a company called URL: Privacy Policy:

    Looks like their site is down.

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    I'm having the same problem with the ads on my sites:

    I cleared a bunch of cookies... I don't think that's the problem. I'm going to do some other tests.


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    After another test, creating a new accound on my linux box, logging in for the first time, hitting my site, and seeing the yieldmanager ads, I can confirm that this isn't due to some cookie attack on the client machine.

    Also, while on the chitika site, in the link to get the ad code, the ad for the MPU demo had yieldmanager ads (yet the description there was actually describing MPU).

    So, either chitika made a deal with yieldmanager, or they've been compromised somehow. Either way I'll be dropping them after I figure out what's happening.

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    I just received an email from Chitika announcing this new feature. They're apparently showing these CPM banner ads when they decide they'll be more profitable than the traditional Chitika ads. They indicated that you need to log into Chitika and click on the "Account" tab to opt out of this banner program.

    - Scott
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    I just got the email as well, and a reply on their forums explaining it. I've since opted out. Bye-bye chitika.

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    Chikita sent out an email today saying they are pushing cpm ads now.

    So it would seem they are using yieldmanager. Which does not push adware themselves but often the companies that use their service do.

    Yieldmanager is nothing more than a banner rotation system

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