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    February 2nd, 2008
    Question Is affiliopolis a scam?
    (formerly CPA Paradise) has anyone been paid by them? I contacted affiliopolis support and they keep telling me they pay out 30 days AFTER they receive payment from the advertisers. I still haven't been paid for jan 2008 leads.

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    Affiliopolis is a Quality Network
    I am the ranking executive at Affiliopolis and this is the first time I have heard of your grievance. You state that you "keep trying" to contact support (I presume through email) -- why not pick up your phone and call me - our number is on our contact page, and we welcome calls from our affiliates.

    As far as not getting paid for January leads, I'm surprised you didn't call before now. Why this post and not a direct engagement with us to resolve your issues? Perhaps there were problems with your data that have not yet been addressed. We are being extremely careful about data quality.

    Feel free to give me a call anytime, Cecily Lancit; 239 593 1045, ext. 25.

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    February 2nd, 2008

    as your direct engagement response, i did try that, MANY times. You had no phone number on your site(its there now) and my emails went unanswered. You state that you pay net 30 but looks like you pay net 120.

    To follow up my original post, I did receive payment excuse me that i forgot to state that.

    Overall, I guess since you transitioned to a new site you had bugs, but all and all, its a good experience so far. Funny how payment makes the troubles go away.

    Have a good day

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    Well, to follow up my original post STAY AWAY FROM AFFILIOPOLIS. they paid me once I posted this, then I have yet to get anymore payments from them. I have an incentivized site, which at the time i was accepted and I was free to promote offers.

    After 4 months of promoting affilopolis offers without a payment being received, they updated the terms and conditions on 5/20/08, to which I read and noted that they no longer accepted incentivized sites and I agreed and QUICKLY emailed my affiliate manager Steve about this change. I told him I wanted to change the site which affiliopolis has on file and discontinue my advertisements on my incentivized site.

    I got no response until 5/27 when i received a phone call from Robin and she told me my account has been terminated since I had an incentive account. While I had her on the phone, I forwarded her a copy of the email I sent to Steve and she said she will get back to me the next day. Big shocker, its 5/30 and I still got no response and my account is still terminated.

    So let's see how you can resolve this in an appropriate manor Affiliopolis now that this is out in the open for all ABestWeb visitors to see and we'll see if I get the $3500 that you owe me.

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    As of July 29th, Affiliopolis hasn't paid me the $3500 they owe me. STAY AWAY FROM AFFLIOPOLIS. TOTAL SCAM!!!

    I hope every affiliate marketer will read this post on Affiliopolis to see what a bunch of scammers they are.

    Any advice from other members what I can do to get what's owed to me from Affiliopolis?

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    Probably cut your losses and move on. You could sue, but the time and effort would likely not be worth it.

    Consider this a $3500 lesson - the kind you never forget.

    If you have to chase a merchant/network to get you first payment, get it and then move on. This is a sign of problems in the future.

    Thanks for the heads up for the rest of us.
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