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    How long to wait for response
    I contacted a lady who owns a graphics site that I have purchased graphics collections from before. I make different things with them, some for sale, but mostly just personal stuff.

    I want to create a site for the software that I have to create these items. I would like to show the things that I have made. Since most of them include her graphics, I emailed her about doing some type of commission deal for sales that I send to her.

    It has been about a week and I still haven't heard from her. I know that she is busy, she works a full time job as well. How long do I wait to send her another email? Or do I just assume she isn't interested and let it go? She may just not want to even bother with it.

    What are your opinions? Thanks.

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    I would not rely solely on email for anything of real importance, especially if there is no response, as opposed to a rejection.

    If you have a telephone number for her, or can locate one on her site or through a directory search, I'd try calling her. If not, I'd send at least one follow-up email. You can also try maiiing her an actual letter.

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    The "Dawg" had an on-target response. I'd definitely try what he suggests.
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