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    Most of you know I had to let my site go (which I was uber proud of) because of various reasons) last year. I still want to start another one, I just have to find a niche that would make me just as happy as animal health did.
    The lessons I learned from having it and being here at ABW have carried over to my brick & mortar life in a really cool way.

    To make a long story short, a few months ago at the vet conference, I caused a little ruckus that I thought would bite me in the hiney, but instead helped me earn the respect of colleagues, which surprised the hell out of me!

    I was in a seminar and some "old school" vets started bickering about competition and unfair market pricing. It then led into this discussion about the problems with internet pharmacies (a huge issue at this years conferences) and the new/old generation gaps among dr.'s. I had pretty much been a fly on the wall during the week because I was in rooms with dr.'s and practice managers that had been in the field for decades and was very intimidated, but the more I listened to these people the more irritated I got. So I finally raised my hand and climbed up on my soapbox.

    I pointed out that it's just not the field of medicine, the generation gaps and the economy that's affecting this field, it's our clients! With the boom of the internet and the ability of anyone to post anything on it we are dealing with clients that are not only becoming more informed, they are becoming just as easily misinformed! It is our duty to educate clients and get them to ask questions, not throw the same speech at them about fleas and heartworm like car salesmen. The more we fight with each other about different practices and policies, create an atmosphere of competition with dr.x down the street even though they could offer our client a diagnostic that we can't provide the more the client is gonna turn to the internet for answers and not only will we lose the client but the animal's health may suffer too. I have seen an industry that competition is fierce and yet everyone works together. They are colleagues and the comradeship is to be envied. Everyone learns from everyone else and in the end the customer/client wins out and no one really loses a profit. If all the "cure it or kill it, no one knows medicine better than me" dr.s would just put on their big kid panties and deal with the fact that this field is changing and if we don't cowboy up and change with it, we're all gonna lose. We can all share this field and not lose a dime. Hell, we might even make more money because our clients will see us as civilized professionals and not a bunch of back stabbing, egotistical money mongers.

    I stopped at that and looked at the speaker, who was writer for a vet journal and was fully expected to ask to leave, but instead, she told me well said and she was glad somebody finally said it.

    I'm so glad that I came here for help when I had my site. I have learned sooo much and it has carried over even to my personal life. All you newbies, if you really want to be successful, listen to the veterans! They know their s**t and even if you don't stay an affiliate, their wisdom will carry over in ways you won't even expect.
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    Good for you!

    It's understandably difficult for doctors to try and think like businesspeople and/or marketers. They are trained for other things and don't want the distractions from running a practice and treating patients and caring for the owners of the patients.

    Most vets have an office manager to handle billing and scheduling and such, why not hire someone to handle the marketing aspects of the business? Perhaps some of us who haven't been as successful with AM, but who have a background in vet tech or biology *and* marketing, are missing an opportunity here to do a little consulting with these frustrated and overwhelmed veterinarians?

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    Very true! There are veterinary practice consultants and they make dang good money! I had once mentioned it to my friend that's a vet that I'll be managing for and she I'm not allowed to do it I'm her slave manager....hahahaha
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    Nothing risked, nothing gained. Sometimes the truth hurts. Keep stating your mind!
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