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    Affiliate Recruiting 101
    Newbie here. We're with Shareasale and we have a pretty good merchant program.

    Looking for best practices on how to recruit affiliates and even super affiliates (since our program is 2 tier).

    Who do you talk do...where to find to promote your affiliate program, etc.

    Any suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

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    I'm a merchant as well - Free Credit Reports 360. I would say the most important thing in the world of AM is to network network network. Affiliate summit is awesome to way to meet people. However, even more important than that is to treat your affiliates right, listen to them, and do everything in your power to help make your offer give them the greatest level of success possible. It's all about creating a win -win situation. When my affiliates win, I win and we're all making money.

    My point. Word of mouth is by far the most important way to generate leads. If you resort to tactics which take advantage of affiliates then you deserve to be screwed and your phone won't be ringing. Treat your partners right, have a high converting offer, and network and you'll generate some strong long term beneficial business relationships. It's actually a pretty simple when you think about it.

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    It is no rocket science. Seriously. Start from using the very search engine you use on a daily basis. I have found it to be one of the most efficient paths in affiliate recruitment.

    (1) Spot those already capitalizing on the traffic of your interest (be it through AdSence, selling banner ad space, affiliate links, etc)
    (2) Approach them through personalized e-mails (faxes, and phone calls work too)
    (3) Remember to follow up!

    For me personally, SE affiliate recruitment yields the highest success rate (between 15% and 40%).

    Additionally, I would highly recommend reading through the following threads [listed in chronological order only]:

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks much

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    You could also tap into the voucher code and reward shopping industries. Give them a minimal discount or cashback, perhaps 5% or so and contact site owners directly. Chances are, unless they are industry specific or your site is particularly offensive, that they will include you and your services. These sites can perform reasonably well quite quickly and are definately worth having on your program. You may want to consider a slightly higher discount, as many site owners will give better exposure to higher discounts but this will obviously vary from site to site.

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