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    January 18th, 2005
    How do you check a CJ's merchant's cookie duration?

    They say it's 45 days, I just want to make sure.


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    Most set those 45 day cookies to expire after the first sale. The cookie length at CJ has no meaning if the merchant chooses "keep cookie=no" (the default). That is one of the things ABW requested at today's network meeting.

    WebMaster Mike

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    we are already a long time with CJ and had no idea about cookie elimination after the first sale.

    nowhere have I noted in the CJ site any mention of this possibility for merchants - and the realisation that the default is "keep cookie=no" has come as a sock.

    if this is so, the CJ literature is grossly misleading, and thus open to litigation, irrespective of whether this is mentioned deep in their affiliate agreement or not.

    I wonder about the ethics of this setup (CJ) more and more by the day - and also wonder how far the affiliate world has to go before the act is cleaned up. I would not be surprised if the regulators, already aware of the shady situation in the "affiliate environment" decide to put some order in this rip-off which affects hundreds of thousands of affiliates.

    what is the situation at other networks?

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