Just a little warning about StickerCastle.com...

StickerCastle.com is like CafePress.com in that you provide the design and they produce the decals when a purchase is made & they handle the billing & shipping...supposedly.

After exchanging several emails over a few weeks to get the specifics worked out, I supplied them with a template of my site to host on theirs and my logo to offer in addition to my domain name in various fonts.
On or around April 26, 2003 I sent "Ari" some new designs that I put hours into, and another email regarding a typo on the page. None of the designs were ever added and the correction was never made.
On or around May 10, 2003, I sent a followup email which was apparently ignored as well.
Several months went by while I worked on side projects and waited for some sign of progress on the side of StickerCastle.com.
After finishing a site for someone & presented w/ some free time, I decided to try & contact them again...this was several days ago. Still nothing.
Last night, August 19, 2003, I contacted Igor, owner of AutomotiveForums.com, who also apparently had a partnership with StickerCastle.com. I got his reply this morning which basically said they experienced the same thing and have since ended their partnership.
I will be pulling down that page on my site tonight and have posted publicly that anyone who has made a purchase through StickerCastle.com to contact me immediately.

So, that's my story... I don't want to see anyone else make the same mistake I did... Had I stayed in-house I could have gone through dozens of decals by now, but now I have nothing to show for it. I just hope that none of my site's visitors/customers got screwed by this clown...

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