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    Woodwind & Brasswind is now FREE of 4th Click at GoldenCAN
    We are very proud to announce that Woodwind & Brasswind is now Completely FREE of 4th click at GoldenCAN.

    100% of your traffic for Woodwind & Brasswind will be credited towards your account.

    If you have already created Store, Coupon or Search Integration Solutions for Woodwind & Brasswind, you donít need to change anything.

    There is no "Powered by GoldenCAN" link any more. If you are not yet working with Woodwind & Brasswind at GoldenCAN then now is the time to get started.

    Integration Samples:
    Woodwind & Brasswind Store Integration Sample
    Woodwind & Brasswind Coupon Integration Sample
    Woodwind & Brasswind Search Integration Sample

    Woodwind & Brasswind's GetData:
    Use GoldenCAN GetData feature to get the complete pre formatted HTML for Woodwind & Brasswindís store integration and display on your website with SEO benefits.

    Woodwind & Brasswind's GetRSS:
    Use GoldenCAN GetRSS feature to receive a valid RSS document with Woodwind & Brasswindís Coupons and recent Price Drop products.

    If you have already created a store, coupon or search integration for multiple merchants, dont forget to add Woodwind & Brasswind in your existing Integration.
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