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    New Alexa Rankings
    Hey Everyone,

    Some of you may know already, but Alexa has changed their criteria for ranking. I am very excited about this as I love using their toolbar. Michelle, from our SEO team wrote a great blog about it and I wanted to share it:

    "...As the big three search engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo) have been so active of late, with advancements and proposals and deals flying back and forth between them, news on other search technologies available might have been missed. We’re going to take the opportunity now to welcome Alexa and Dogpile to the search algorithm stakes.

    Ask anyone involved with search engine optimization about the web traffic monitoring and rankings service Alexa (which is a division of Amazon) and you may have the answer preceded by an exasperated sigh. While the downloadable Alexa toolbar has been used by many Internet users, from the casual surfer to webmasters, the fact that the ranking site had based its statistical information from the toolbar users alone was frustrating. Some of the functionality that Alexa offered with the way it served up this data was good, but the fact that the data was, for lack of a better word, “skewed” was the cause of much frustration. It was Alexa’s heavy reliance on user data that led to the sighing and grinding of teeth.

    But this is no more. Alexa recently announced that it had completely revamped its ranking protocol. Alexa said it would be moving away from releasing data based solely on users of the downloadable toolbar, to ranking sites based on info from multiple sources. The new Alexa rankings are now based on more sources of data. This provides a much better indicator of website popularity, which in turn leads to better rankings as site popularity is more accurately reflected in the new and improved algorithms. Additionally, Alexa has introduced an improved methodology to provide consistently accurate rankings for all countries..."
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    Thats good to know. Thanks. I myself use Alexa and am happy to hear it will be a higher quality tool in the future.

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    DavidG-MV - Alexa recently announced that it had completely revamped its ranking protocol.
    I'm not sure if their ranking is better. They used to have from 3 to 5 years history for traffic. Now, it's maximum 6 months. You can't see a trend in only 6 months. It was the only point of interest for me and now it's gone.

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    New alexa alogs
    I heared the announcement that alexa has changed its ranking algorithm. I am little happy with this change because my website got little improvment. see new alexa ranking for Fortune Park Hotels Ltd.

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    I guess I'm a bit happy because the new numbers are quite a bit lower (better) for most of my sites. But will I gain any $ or benefit from that....doubt it.

    The new numbers might well be more accurate overall, time will tell I guess.

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    IMO, I put more faith in Quantcast these days than Alexa. Quantcast gets real (US) clickstream* data, so the figures are more accurate than the old Alexa data.. I think that Alexa might also be using clickstream data.

    * anonymised data from ISPs.
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    I have the Compete toolbar (did I say toolbar?) installed which also seem more accurate.

    I don't know how that compares, but by looking at my stats it seem to be reporting lower amounts of traffic.

    Will have to check out Quantcast

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