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    I really loved and their affiliate program. The commission structure was low for their niche, but the program was well run by their great affiliate manager, Patrick Aiache, and they offered some really nice products, including many brand lines that were hard to find elsewhere.

    For 2-3 years they were my number one producing merchant, but then their program began declining, primarily due to more and more of their products going out of stock and not being replaced. Also, more and more similar merchant programs began opening and soliciting affiliates, and paying higher commissions for the same types of products.

    Around the end of 2007, they were deactivated at CJ, and their program never returned.

    Now, their website is closed and they are out of business.

    But - their last commissions that were "locked" for 2-3 months or more, have now been moved to the May, 2008 Commissions queue, and it appears that they will be included ih this month's CJ payment. Kudos to tabletools for paying up despite going under.

    Thanks, Patrick, for all your help over the years, and I hope to see you running a new program somewhere else, soon.

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    It's nice to read about a program that didn't screw its affiliates on the way out the door. I really liked Tabletools too. They had wonderful products, decent prices and an easy website to navigate. I'm sorry they didn't make it.

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