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    WordPress - Is it a new kind of spam?
    I had a look at one of my blogs this morning and something was not right. The footer was back to the original wording of the theme I'm using. (Just one link was missing)
    I checked the code and got mad. I had maybe 600/1000 spam links in the code behind <ul id="footer"> and before</html>
    So, somebody found a way to modify my WordPress Footer code.
    I'm used to spam comments and know how to deal with it. This one is vicious, it's hidden and you can help these spammers without knowing it.
    Check your footers, pls. I'm still using WP 2.1.2 on this blog.

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    I moved from Blogger to WP and whilst you can do a whole lot more on WP, the spam factor is driving me nutz. Im kinda missing blogger now for this reason alone. Thanks for sharing

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    Comment spam is a fact of life if you have WordPress. Akismet Comment Spam Fighter is doing a great job, but it's not enough. I've from a dozen to a thousand spam not caught in the filters for each of my blogs each week and I've a hard time to remove them. My PC can freeze during several long minutes as I remove them. Up to 300/400, it's fine but it can take hours for over 4000 spam comments. I'm obliged to dedicate a PC just for that.
    Footer spam is new for me. I can always upgrade my WP blogs, but it will be just to discover new ways for the spammers to get in.

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    Disable comments on posts that real people wouldn't likely comment on like non-review product posts.

    No, people can't insert spam in your footer. If you think your site was hacked, remove those links and set more restrictive permissions on your server.

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    Sounds like Zeus has template spam?

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    It's not exactly a template spam. The links are not coming from the template. My blog was hacked and my passwords compromised. I found an other case
    At least, I didn't have the spammy links for more than a few hours.

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    The footer follies article is interesting.

    I've seen a few situations where sites have been compromised like this after hackers gained root access to a shared server. If you are on a shared server, report it to your hosting company or the problem could recur.
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    Update your wordpress. When auttomatic releases a new version they tell the world why they did that.

    Then 100s of spammers start reverse engineering the weakness. Then they look for blogs that have the old version.

    2.51 is better than 2.5. Everything works from what I have seen. You might want to turn off and update some plugins.

    backup your blog first or ask your host to do it.

    Any questions jsut ask

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