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    Talking SAS Testimonials
    I noticed that when you log into SAS, they now have testimonials about the network. I noticed one by Andy and Brent and other people I don't know. Anyway, no one asked me to say something nice about SAS so I'll do it here, maybe they'll post it with the others. I'll sure be looking for it while logging in. So here goes:

    "ShareASale is the most trusted affiliate network, bar none." Mike Colfin - Owner, Bovine Bazaar Family of Websites.
    If anyone else wants to make a testimonial about SAS, you should post it on this thread, I'll be looking for those too when I log on which I seem to do 5-20 times a day :-)
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    Share a Sale has always been a pleasure to work with. They work with their Merchants and not with their own bottom line. It is nice to find a Network that encourages you to shop around, because they know that when push comes to shove, and you want quality, you will come back to them.

    Just my personal opinion from past experiences with programs on 4 networks.
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    Working through shareasale, we can simply say that each time we have received excellent support from the team at Not only have they offered us continued support, but have always been concerned of their own affiliate and merchant partner relationships. Jorge Ramirez, JRami Consulting
    I wrote that testimonial in 2005, still stands today. There are allot more I can give any time.

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    Credit where due the merchant set up was childs play EZPZ so far my experience has been painless and Michael over at support was a sweetheart, bless his cotton socks!

    Looks like its down to me now to do the rest.. but I can confirm SAS have thought about pretty much everything. Big changes since back in the day 2003? was the last time I used SAS, some pretty major changes since then.

    Thanx - Js

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    oranges- As one of the folks w/a testimonial on the page I just want to let you know that what I said is completely true, as I am sure that the others who were quoted were honest as well. Don't think we were bought or given some incentive to say something nice, SAS reached out to some us and I happily participated.

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