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    Hello AvantLink!
    I am very excited about our launch with AvantLink!

    AvantLink has attracted some top-notch outdoor-related affiliates. I know REI can help take your efforts to the next level, and I want to know what I can do to help!

    7 days left of our Anniversary sale! Don't worry though, even if you can't get up and running in time for that...I plan on providing a steady stream of promos to keep the juices flowing.

    So consider this an open invitation to ask me any and all questions, and please also offer constructive suggestions/critiques! This is an ever-changing space and I am looking to you all to help get us to/keep us on the edge.

    Krystofer Glover

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    Very good to see you here. And I look forward to working with you through Avantlink.
    Kevin Webster
    twitter: levelanalytics

    Kayak Fishing
    Web Analytics and Affiliate Marketing

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    Glad REI is part of Avantlink now. I like promo codes. Consider those in the future.

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    I saw this thread the other day when I was traveling, and was meaning to respond. Thanks AZ for bumping it and jogging my memory!

    At any rate, we're glad to have you guys on board. The program is off to a strong start, and you guys are offering some very compelling promos to get things going quickly....not to mention the Anniversary Sale crankin' now!

    If you have time Krystofer, let's touch base later this week for a few to review everything so far.

    Gary M

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