If you currently use one of my scripts and would like to beta test a Google sitemap generator script (cgi-bin perl), let me know.

Note: This generator is only suitable for a website that contains actual files, not virtual files such as generated by DySE. (FYI, DySE already dynamically generates Google sitemaps).


(REQUIREMENTS: mod_write and cgi-bin perl).

- Generates Google Sitemap .xml and .txt files.

- Runs on your server and scans directories for files (in your website only); faster file discovery than a spider since it does not use http.

- Install once and forget about it. Now you can update your website and be sure that your sitemaps will always reflect what your website contains.

- Uses mod_rewrite to associate sitemap.xml and sitemap.txt requests to the sitemap script located in cgi-bin.

- Caches the .xml and .txt files so if requested, does not have to rescan for files. Stale time of 1 hour.

- The cached .xml/.txt files can be manually copied to root directory so script never runs again in case you just want a sitemap snapshot.

- Can specify files and directories to be skipped; can specify as: full URL, URL with * wildcard, or filename extension (e.g.: .gif, .jpg, .asp, ...). Common "skips" already configured (and can be unskipped).

- <lastmod> and <changefreq> automatically calculated.

- Supports up to 50,000 URL's.

- Fast scanning. For example, the current sitemap at www.AffiliateOcean.com contains 267 URL's, 16 directories, 251 files, and was generated in about 1 second (runtime reported by the script is an approximation rounded up to seconds; server reported runtime was in the order of 100-200 milliseconds).

- Price: to be determined.

If you're interested, let me know via the support form and I'll let you know the download URL.