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    Hi guys,

    I just booted up for the day and it said my Zone Alarm update service had expired. The firewall hits on ZA has been reset to zero. Also, a Windows update came up as well asking if I wanted to download certain service packs (I never get these warnings.) Did anyone else get these?

    I'm afraid to do the ZA in case it's a virus trick. I did a search on my PC for Sobig and nothing came up.


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    I had the same prob yesterday. With SoBig, Not ZA. Got the Symantec stand alone removal solution but that wont run and a manual solution didn't turn up the mentioned files. I'll have to delve deeper

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I'm afraid to do the ZA in case it's a virus trick. I did a search on my PC for Sobig and nothing came up<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>What do I type in 'find' to see if my 'puter is infected with sobig?

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    I received this message from optonline hope it helps
    How to tell if you have Sobig F

    Certain types of firewalls will alert the user to the worm?s activity on the network. Search your computer for the file winpr32.exe. If found you have definitely been infected. Since the worm has the ability to update itself and download other components, it is reasonable to believe that the worm may remove itself at some point and just leave the components running. It is important to follow the general security instructions provided below.

    Make sure you are protected

    Run and maintain an antivirus product. It is important for users to update their antivirus software on a regular basis. Many antivirus packages support automatic updates of virus definitions. We recommend using those automatic updates when available. A list of common antivirus vendors and links are noted below.
    Use extreme caution opening any email attachments with the extensions: .exe, .pif, .scr, .bat, .com, .lnk, or .shs. These files have the potential to contain malicious code that may infect your PC with a virus or damage the your system.
    Check for security updates for your operating system and email software at the manufacturer's website. For instance, check (MS).
    Detailed information, including removal instructions can be found below.
    What to do if you are already infected with Sobig F
    If you think your computer may have been infected by the worm, refer to the removal instructions provided by your antivirus vendor. Following is a list and links to common antivirus vendors:

    Antivirus Vendors:

    Computer Associates
    F-Secure Corp
    Norman Data Defense Systems
    Trend Micro

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