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    While not quite a Walter Mitty event, yesterday I redeemed a gift certificate that Mrs. Beachy and my daughter gave me for a Christmas present. It was a wonderful gift and an awesome experience.

    I had an absolute blast going for a ride in - and actually flying - a World War II U.S. Air Force fighter trainer, a North American AT-6. The 60 year-old aircraft was impeccably maintained, had a big radial engine that developed 1200 h.p., burned 35 gallons per hour, and had room for two pilots.

    The ride was great and included an aerobatic option. The owner of the company that sells these rides (all over the East Coast) was the PIC (Pilot In Command). However, she let me take the controls right after takeoff and did not take back control until we started a "Barrel Roll" maneuver. I was entitled to more aerobatics, but begged off so I could fly for more of the allotted time. Sadly, about 20 minutes later I had to relinquish the controls for the final approach to the runway.

    I do have a pilots license but it hasn't been "active" in over 30 years. One of my closest friends, Mike, who is also interested in flying, was with me to watch and take some pictures. I also bought the "video tape" of the flight - and will share some of that once I get it converted from tape to a digital format.

    If any of you are interested in living a [very] small piece of history, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience. I now plan to go to a local airport and take a "few more" flying lessons.
    (BTW, it was also the first time in my life I had to wear a .)
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    WOW!! That is sooo cool! What a great gift =]
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    That looked FUN, Beachy!

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    Wow - I'm honestly a little jealous. It sounds like it was an absolute blast and definitely not something you'd get to do every day! Very cool.

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    That looks like it would be a great time Beachy!!

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    It's great. Like to share more details as to where one can buy this certificate / cost etc.?

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    YES! Details! I'm a prop plane nut, without a license, but scale models of everything that ever got 4 feet of the ground (Except Michael Jordan).

    Looks very much like a USAF/Navy dive bomber from WW2.
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    How cool is that! You lead one of the coolest lives Beachy!
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    Hey Beachy!
    So glad you had a great time!! What a blast it must have been in CAVU conditions.

    re .gif" border="0" alt="" title="Parachute" class="inlineimg" />
    91.305 of the FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations) says that each occupant needs to wear a if you are going to pitch the plane up or down 30 degrees or more and/or bank the plane more than 60 degrees...

    basically Acrobatics = Parachute

    So glad you caught the bug again! Have fun with your lessons.

    And when you your're ready to take it to the next level... and me buddy!!

    Capt'n Bob

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    Thanks, Rollerblader, I do try to have fun from time to time. I work hard and I like to play hard; but I'm 61 years young. (Geeze, I'll be collecting Social Security next year.) I need to do these things while I can still climb and jump and run and swim and keep my food down and things like that.

    Details? The one I flew with is: - the site gives all the info. However, there are several of these Barnstorming companies out there. Try a Goog search for warbird airplane rides.

    Cap't Bob: You're on. Oops - on second look - thought that was a video game.
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    It looks extremely cool!

    And that dogfight sim w/real planes, THAT is probably going to get on my list of things to do, too.
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    Gee, Beachy, how great is that! My son has been working on a private pilot's license. Don't know whether I'd have the stomach for it -- or the inner ear, I should say. Touch of vertigo whenever I move my head rapidly.

    So -- 61, huh? Wow. You're OLD. You don't look a day over 66-68 though. (evil grin!)
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    Beachy, you are a man after my own heart. Ten years ago when between careers and visiting my sister in Kissimmee Florida I told her to drop me at the local airport. I had seen a Warbirds sign with plane rides (picture of a Stearman). Two hours later they picked me up drenched in sweat and asked if I was alright. I had just completed a fully acrobatic lession in a T6/SNJ. Being in my mid 30's at the time I pushed it to blackout and pulled close to 9g's. I got 7 out of 8 points in an 8 pt hesitation roll. I flew from start-up to taxi and put her tail in the grass to do the preflight. He did the actual take off and landing but I flew the patterns. Man that was the most intense thing I ever did in my life and have been a life long aviation buff. I found the business card and their site have a video which will give the idea of what this is all about:

    Can't wait to see your video and if I find mine I will share as well. Maybe we need to start an airplane nut forum. I used to travel 100's of miles to airshows, was a member of EAA and attended for many years. Have met Burt Rutan and Chuck Yeager (read all their books).

    It was a crappy day and this is sending me to bed with a smile on my face and dreams of flying a T6 again. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    You sure are loved! What a great gift from the heart.

    I'm glad you had such a fantastic time.
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    Can't wait to see the video that looked very fun Beachy! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Verrrrrrrrry cool! Mrs Beachy knows how to make her man happy. :-)

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    WOW! What fun!

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