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Thread: WIN $200 - Avatar Contest!

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    WIN $200 - Avatar Contest!
    With the launch of the Baseball Rampage forum, I think it's time I get a new avatar. I'll spare the fine people here of seeing my ugly mug on a regular basis so I thought we'd have an avatar contest.

    The rules are simple. Make an avatar combining AC Lens and Baseball Rampage that I can use here on ABW. Post them here or email them to bdrumm (at) by next Friday, May 16th, 2008.

    The only requirement is that the av must have BasballRampage and ACLens used in some way. You can use any products from or as well as our logos, banners, or any other images you find on either site. I know it's only 60x60 but I'm sure the many talented people here can work their magic and come up with something cool.

    I'll pick the top 5 avatars and next Friday, I'll post a new thread so ABW can vote for the winning avatar.

    The winner gets a $200 bonus dropped in their affiliate account.

    Best of luck to all entrants!

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