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    CJ Datafeed Push Stopped on May 1st
    I just realized that CJ stopped pushing my datafeed files on May 1st. They usually push 2 files each day to my web server.

    Anyone else having CJ datafeed issues?

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    Yes, one of ours didnt come since the 1st, I had them reset it.

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    why don't you use CJ Webservices..?

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    Webservices won't work for us and the things we do. We use feeds from many networks and combine them. To populate a site we can't be calling webservices from 10 networks at one time. We need flat datafeed files.

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    Anyone else having CJ datafeed issues?
    Now that you mention it, the newest one I have is from Apr. 24th. I pull the feed (rather than having a push) weekly, so I should have had one dated May 1st.

    I knew something was "off" when I grabbed the last I know what. It was the date!

    I won't worry about it yet (they've missed a week a few times without needing a reset), but thanks to this thread, I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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    Yes I have had random feeds, I download them weekly and I complained when they were not there, then I got them, then last week they are not there again... at the moment is is a bit of a lottery if they come through or not.
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