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    BusinessWeek Article: The Resurgence of the Coupon Site
    An interesting article was published yesterday by Business Week. The article addresses the growth of coupon sites in these slowing economic times.

    To get the full story, you can view the article HERE

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    my reply to the current economy

    But since I don't want any more competition, you shouldn't start your own, there's already too many

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    Many people first save by going from Name Brands to generic.

    On the coupon sites they seem geared towards name brands. I've never done anything with coupons online - are there any sites that anyone knows of that offer coupons on generic non-name brands - food for example?

    According to the article you linked to the sites are seeing major traffic increases as the economy takes a tumble and prices spike. Just wondering how many people are actually finding coupons they are looking for and redeeming them - not just surfing looking for ways/ideas of how to cut back.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Trust
    But since I don't want any more competition, you shouldn't start your own, there's already too many
    I agree.... but as long as we stay legit and not be one of those crooked sites we will shine thru, build trust with key merchants and develop a loyal traffic base... and once again shine thru all of those doodee coupon sites.

    Im sure youre doing well trust. you seem to know your ish and I plan on being strong up and comer.....(traffic has picked up tremendously for me considering CB has been live for about 3-4 weeks)

    Best wishes to you trust!!!


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