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    Pfaltzgraff to Extend All Transactions
    email received this morning:

    Dear ........,

    Thank you for your continued partnership with the Pfaltzgraff Affiliate program. We have some important information that will affect how your commission will be paid out starting May 2008.

    Pfaltzgraff currently pays commission on shipped orders. Starting this month, Pfaltzgraff will continue to pay on shipped orders, but will be extending all transactions each month going forward to account for returns and cancellations. You will first see a change in your payment this month as April’s transactions will be extended. You will receive payment for your April shipped sales in June.

    Pfaltzgraff is adopting this payment policy to ensure that the affiliate channel remains profitable as it continues to grow. We appreciate your flexibility and look forward to a profitable 2008.

    Best Regards,

    Pfaltzgraff Affiliate Team

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    I've always suspected that they weren't doing a good job watching returns since I have never had a sale reversed by them since I joined their program in 2003. Looks like they finally figured out that they were never charging back for returns. But, this seems a bit on the extreme side to extend every single transaction and make us wait an additional month for payment.

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