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    With the proliferation of pop up stoppers and the disdain for them, will we now get nagged by sites who now want to get the stopper off your site so they can annoy you to no end
    I was just on a fishing forum and this is the real "friendly nagging" it sends
    So now we have the pop up stoppers and the pop up stopper stoppers. Here is a basic post I made about it there.

    I have been using the google toolbar pop up killer just to see what it does on my e commerce sites. This site sure hates it. Such a nice unfriendly note to the forum users.
    "pop up killer detected"
    Please immediately close your pop up killer or this message will persist on each page you visit within our site"
    I see this forum providor hasn't changed with all the freakin ads. One reason I stopped using them a long time ago.


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    LOL! Please allow us to annoy you with popups or we will annoy you with this message. Sounds like he really wants to keep his traffic. I won't even exchange links with a site that uses popups.

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    Your so right ...the biggest popup Ad whores are affiliates. Those who by BBS, auction, photo album, classified Ad scripts turn their sites into porno style popup hellholes.

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