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    Adseam: anyone try this?
    I received an email from them today asking me if I would like to beta test their new widget ad platform. "I'm with AdSeam dot com and we're developing ad solutions for developers to monetize their gadgets."

    Has anyone seen or tried these guys? It looks interesting but how silly is it for them to contact me when it is pretty clear that I have a fair handle on monetizing a widget (the widget they found me through is obviously a highly rated - affiliate driven widget)?

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    I know of them, have emailed twice. Think they're just starting out, looking for developers who haven't monetized yet or want something different. Their site says they have 'subtle' ads, but I'm not clear on what those would be. Guess that's the different part.

    Also on site, Affiliate program looks good-- 5% payout. I'm really just starting out though and don't have much to compare to. Anyone have any thoughts?

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