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    April 6th, 2006
    Linkshare - timing of Intl Direct Deposits
    Does anyone have experience with the timing of LS intl direct deposit?

    My account was switched (from chqs) a few months ago, but account info wasn't tested, so a missing transit # caused payments to disappear into a banking black hole. Got it resolved, and LS reissued the payments.

    My question is how long is a reasonable time to wait? I already have my bank looking into it (you can trace incoming transfers if you provide precise details). I have confirmed every which way, with my bank, that details provided to LS are correct.

    I'm wondering if LS batch-processes international payments - for example, the interface states Apr 23, but that could mean the bank receives instructions on (say) May 2. I'm ok with that, just want to understand timing - there are issues beyond any network's control related to the banking system, but since I'm doing more biz with their merchants, I need to be on top of this now.

    I will open a support ticket of course, but was curious about the average # days between "issued", and actual receipt into your account (intl, not domestic US).


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    April 6th, 2006
    Is there a contact at LS to deal with payment issues..?

    The info provided by my bank doesn't seem to line up - I need to test a transaction (something I thought was required for direct deposit).

    If a LS mod is available, pls PM me - I continue to update support tickets, but this is a pressing issue. Lots of commission, no way to get paid..


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    April 6th, 2006
    Just to close out this thread, issue resolved thanks to support from LS!

    If anyone in Canada ever has direct deposit issues, feel free to pm me. There is some US banking terminology that translates differently here, so your Cdn bank may not provide you with the proper info. My issue was also related to currency of account.

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