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    just saw this on the news, founded by Robert Shapiro (one of OJ's lawyers) You can do a lot more (wills, trusts, trademark etc.), just the story was about divorce. ah, just read they are at CJ.

    I work in boxers

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    Their prices for wills look pretty good. I'm not really up on the fees for incorporating but from what I remember from the last time I looked they seem about average for the economy package.

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    ive used that company before. they are very easy to work with and very helpful...

    pity about their choice of networks


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    I think they may have had their program and tracking fixed from what they had at CJ just a short time back
    I believe they were offline from cj a bit because of it
    Had a 0.00 3 month and 7 day epc.
    They have a proper looking epc now. May have to go back and re add them again.


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    Looks interesting. You can do just about everything online, huh?

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